About me

Welcome to Taste of Spain! I am Jaime Blanco and I write all the recipes you can find in this blog.

I was born and raised in Barcelona but Oxford has been my home since 2015. Former sports journalist, now I am proud to say I work for the NHS. But this is only by day as I spend a big part of my time in the kitchen out of my full-time job. Cooking was not new for me before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is fair to say that I have enhanced my skills since its outbreak and the subsequent lock-downs it has brought.

The majority of my recipes are strongly influenced by the cuisine of the Andalucía region (southern Spain). This is because my parents are from the area of Jaén, best known by its leadership of the world’s olive oil production. Furthermore, my partner (an essential part of this project) is also Andalusian as her roots are in Sevilla. However, I will try to represent the whole country in terms of food.

I am here to prove that Spanish traditional food can be cooked although living thousand of miles away from home. British supermarkets stock everything necessary and there are alternatives for those ingredients impossible to find whatsoever. Yes, replicas might not be exactly the same, but the essence will be present.

This is my commitment to you and I promise that is going to be an interesting journey. Join me to bring to your table the taste of Spain!