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Countryside salad (Ensalada campera): a genuine Spanish potato feast

Hola a todos!

The heat is not giving us a break and I cannot believe how desperate we are for some water again. Although there is rain forecast for the weekend, the mercury doesn’t seem that will go down according to BBC Weather. Well, at least we will sleep better and not feel like living in saunas rather than houses-this goes particularly for those who have carpeted floors. It will be something, won’t it?

Anyway, today’s recipe will still be appropriate if you base your weekend menu on the outdoors temperature. In previous posts I have already expressed my total love for potatoes. Fried, roasted, boiled braised, as a main, as a side, with plenty of sauce (better if it’s mayo)… I do not think there anything as versatile and so easy, quick to cook. For this reason, I am very annoyed when a restaurant serves me them from frozen. Come on, guys! It’s not time consuming.

In summer, two potato salads fight for a place in the tables of Spanish households. Is Russian salad against Countryside salad or Ensalada campera. Unlike the first one, this is a genuine national dish, original from the rural areas (as its name suggests) which used to serve as a good source of energy for farmers and harvesters. The preparation is, quick, effortless and less complex than Southgate’s decisions against Italy. You only need to buy the best ingredients and don’t overcook the potatoes. If you do this, no doubts you will nail it!

There are thousands of recipes for this salad, with different ingredients and dressings. However, they all have in common a base of potatoes, onion, red pepper and green pepper. Canned fish like tuna and boiled egg also appear in the majority of them. In essence, it is subjected to the eater’s likes and dislikes. I am showing you my own recipe with a few tweaks I have read out in the Internet. Lemon is the most significant and I am thinking why I didn’t use it before.


  • Potatoes (8, small)
  • Tuna (250 g / 3 cans)
  • Boiled eggs (2)
  • Carrot (1)
  • Tomatoes (2, small)
  • Green pepper (1)
  • Red pepper (half)
  • Onion (1, small)
  • Black olives (a handful)
  • Juice of half lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Fresh parsley


  1. In a pot, boil the eggs and the potatoes (skin included) at the same time. Remove the first ones after 10-15 minutes and cool in a separate recipient with cold water. Then, remove the potatoes after 20-25 minutes and set aside for cooling, which will take you around 10 minutes.

2. At the same time, chop the carrot and boil it in another sauce pan. Should be ready in about five minutes. Set aside for cooling afterwards.

3. While the boiled ingredients are cooling, finely chop all the vegetables and tip them into a salad bowl. Make sure you clean the peppers thoroughly so there are no seeds nor skins in the bowl.

4. Once the potatoes are cold, peel them with your hands and cut in small dices. Do the same with the eggs and the carrot. Add everything to the salad bowl with the veggies, the tunna (well drained) and the olives.

5. Season with a good amount of olive oil, vinegar, the lemon juice, salt and pepper. Toss everything with a spoon. You can spot it’s well seasoned because the salad is almost shiny. In any case, do not skimp on olive oil as it’s the key of the success.

6. Cover with cling film and store in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.


  • abzexile

    Just about to depart back to Northern Ireand. We have had 20 woderfull years here in Alfauir, Valencia. but, the time has come to go home.
    I look forward to ‘testing’ some of your dishes.

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