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Spanish pumpkin and chocolate cake: the dessert that won Masterchef’s jury heart

Hello again!

I am very sorry for not having posted on Monday. I had an emergency to attend on Sunday night and I couldn’t even think of typing-even though I had the pictures taken. Since it is something personal, please forgive me if I don’t explain more details. Let me just say I went through my own Halloween night.

Well, let’s move on. I am aware dessert recipes are still quite scarce in this blog so here I am with the second one in a row. Not only due to the lack of them, but because desserts are quite a yearly recurrence for Halloween and All Saints day-as I said in my previous post. I may let you down as I tell you this recipe features pumpkin as the main ingredient. However, do not be disappointed by the obviousness because I promise you are going to love it. Read until the end, please.

Last year, the Spanish version of cooking contest Masterchef celebrity put aside modern cuisine for once in order to showcase traditional cooking. The show brought over a few civilians and their best recipe so the competitors should cook it as true as possible. Irene Zaragoza was among them and challenged opera singer Ainhoa Arteta to reproduce a chocolate and pumpkin cake. The recipe was inusual, but Arteta didn’t hesitate and nailed it to the point jury member and 3-Michelin stars Pepe Rodriguez expressed: “It is so good that I could eat sack of it”.

This was the main reason that drew my attention to this cake. Was it actually as good as Rodriguez remarked? When I ate it myself I confirmed there was not a single lie on his statement. Its texture is the softest I have ever tried in a cake, like if you were biting a cloud. The chocolate layer on top just crowns up a perfect dish for this autumn. It also escapes from the classic flour-based cakes so it makes room for the pumpkin as the largest ingredient in proportion.

Few ingredients, a seasonal product and chocolate on top. What else do you need?


  • Pumpkin (half)
  • Eggs (5)
  • Sugar (250 g)
  • Single cream (200 ml)
  • Unsalted butter (50 g)
  • Dark chocolate 85 per cent cocoa (50 g)


  1. First and foremost, we need to make a pumpkin puree. Clean your half pumpkin removing all the seeds and chop it in small pieces. Boil them for 45 to 60 minutes until they are tender enough-time will vary depending of the size of your pot.

2. Once the pumpkin chunks are boiled, peel and mash them until you achieve a puree. Bear in mind it is very watery so you will need drain all the excess of water. Make sure it is completely drained before you use it in your cake.

3. Now it is time to make the batter. In a bowl, whisk first the eggs with the sugar. When both ingredients have merged into each other, add the cream and whisk again. Finish by adding the pumpkin puree.

4. Pour the batter into a baking tray of your convenience. Bake at 200 Celsius for 45 minutes. Then, take it out the oven.

5. In a sauce pot, make the chocolate ganache by mixing the butter and the chocolate at low heat. Pour and spread it all over the cake while it is still warm. Once it has cooled down, store in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

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